Media Matters

Media Matters: your go-to guide on how to challenge spin, misinformation, disinformation, & hate speech online.

This site is currently under construction

Coming soon

This site is currently under construction. Available soon will be a series of downloadable guides to such subjects as how to spot mis- and disinformation, political spin, both on- and offline gaslighting and bullying, and how to challenge such pernicious tactics and behaviours.

Tutorials will also be available – recorded and in real time – on how to empower yourself and others in tackling these damaging behaviours and tactics.

Integrity matters in human interaction in our multi-media world. We need to be able to trust our sources. These tactics are pernicious and we need to understand how and why they are used, so that we can challenge them. If we can defuse them, they no longer hold their power. Propaganda and hate only work and take hold if we let them.

Together, we can hold them to account.

Together, we can help ourselves and others find, navigate and demand safer communications and accurate, trustworthy information.

We need this in politics. We need this in our day-to-day lives.

This site will help you build the skills you need.

This site is born of the 20+ years of research and outreach I’ve spent observing and tackling such behaviours in politics and the press. It is coming to fruition thanks to feedback and discussions held on Twitter, where many people said that such a website would be useful.

If you would like to help support this initiative, you can donate here to help me cover costs. I will acknowledge funders (or you can remain anonymous) for their kind assistance.